Vivaldi Society

Baroque is not dead!

”In this recording we find not only incredible technical soundness, but the domination of the instrument and the knowledge of what is to be faced in terms of interpretation. Here, is requested even a greater quality, the ability to enhance the works that stand on a delicate sound balance, built on a very thin relationship between soloist and orchestra. It is here that the young Bulgarian violinist demonstrates her being an all-round musician, in which the virtuosity does not become a sterile demonstration of skill, but the source of a passionate, sensitive reading, full of the best baroque violin tradition. This flattering result Kremena Nikolova reaches thanks to the harmony and ductility demonstrated by the Vivaldi Society orchestral ensemble, directed by the violinist herself, which has proved to be a compact formation, able to guarantee a homogeneous, solid and delicate sound…”
Andrea Bedetti
Violino d’AMore
Kremena Nikolova (violin)
Vivaldi Society
CD NovAntiqua Records