Vivaldi Society

Frédéric Dothée

Double Bass

Frédéric was born in Leuven and raised on the countryside of Sint-Pieters-Rode. He started playing the bass fiddle💪 at the age of 13 at the conservatory of Leuven with Ludo Joly. He graduated cum laude at the end of his program.

Next to music he always had a great passion for skateboarding, sketching and painting. On the right side of his head he has a bald spot the size of a euro, presumably a leftover of God’s touch. 

After obtaining his professional Bachelor degree in sports, he has dedicated himself to music. Frédéric is currently enrolled at the conservatory of Mons for his Master in the Performing Arts. He is studying double bass with Philippe Cormann. His favorite solo pieces for double bass are: Arpeggione Sonata by Schubert, Sonata for bass and piano by Vilmos Montag, double bass concerto ‘Propolis’ by Maxime Charue and Concertino for double bass op 45 n°11 by Lars-Erik Larsson among others. 

In addition to orchestral work, he is active in several bands and ensembles going from classical music to light and world music. He has performed in Belgium as well as a number of other countries such as Italy, Belarus, Greece, Portugal, the Czech Republic and China. He loves traveling, meeting new people and the transcendant power of sharing music. 

Thanks to Vivaldi Society his love for Baroque music has reached new depths. The close friendships within VS are a real strength. This ensemble consists of a group of young ambitious musicians who want to share the divine music of Vivaldi with the world. Giving back what is forgotten. A true pleasure to be part of!!